Your logo is the single-most important depiction of your business. It should determine the graphical style of all subsequent branding, from your website to company stationery. It’s important the visual elements associated with your business, accurately represent your brand’s core message; clearly and concisely. Branding is the key feature that helps set competitors apart in the mind of consumers. So every branded digital asset or printed media item is an opportunity to share your company mission and differentiating values with the world.

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Clearly, you Need our Branding & Design Services

  • Creating unique brand identities, encompassing logo design
  • Produce complementary Style Guides
  • Execute rebrand projects
  • Conceptualise and design innovative marketing collateral, both digital and print assets
  • Produce show stopping rich media or static ad creative


The Designers at Clearly Digital are branding aficionados, which means they are determined to discover everything about your business before formulating your unique brand identity. A brand identity is a visual representation of your company, which means it effectively acts as the first point of contact with your prospective customers. As such, your logo helps to set their initial expectations and directs all the ensuing communication. 

Your logo and corresponding branding – the consistent elements such as fonts, colours and stylised imagery or icons that match your emblem – are pivotal in delivering your unique value proposition. When formulating a brand identity our Designers can develop a Style Guide; which demonstrates all potential configurations of design components to steer your internal employees in the appropriate application of the branding, in future.

As businesses evolve, so too should their branding. Our Designers can also guide you through the rebrand process, to ensure existing customers don’t become alienated, while your logo is refreshed to reflect internal business changes.


Our Designers love nothing better than conceptualising new ways to visually communicate brand messages. Need a comprehensive product compendium to support your sales team? Or perhaps an innovative leave behind item which serves not only to impress your leads, but also make a lasting impression?

Clearly Digital has the collaborative brainstorming power to conceive novel ideas and the creative talent to develop them into graphic masterpieces! Whether you’re after a branded infographic which will illustrate statistics in an interesting way, or a digital animation that capture your audience’s attention during a presentation; rest assured our team will be able to offer an ingenious design solution.


The Designers at Clearly Digital are familiar with a range of digital ad formats utilised by popular platforms such as Facebook, as well as Instagram ads and the Google Display Network. The team possess the skills as well as the experience to generate high quality visuals and rich media to make your brand stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

From styling product flatlays, retouching photographs, shooting social stories, composing slideshow videos with caption overlays, to creating vector based symbols that are recognisable at first glance; our ad creative will speak volumes about your brand. Clearly Digital has access to incredible stock libraries and can subtly incorporate brand colour schemes into visuals.

We even extend design elements beyond the frame, integrating eye-catching emojis into the copy of Facebook and Instagram ads.

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