You have decided to expand your established bricks and mortar business offering, or perhaps you’re ready to start selling your own wares, to an online audience. To ensure your customers have the best online shopping experience, it’s imperative your website utilises a purpose-built content management system (CMS). Fortunately, the team at Clearly Digital possess the expertise to help your company make a seamless transition into an eCommerce store.

Have your customers filling their online carts with a new online store. Let us help you set one up!

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Clearly, you Need our eCommerce Services

  • eCommerce features and functionality consulting
  • Experience with various eCommerce platforms
  • Product management and integration of applicable systems


On a global scale, eCommerce is becoming an increasingly popular way of doing business. It’s more convenient for customers, as they can shop around for the best deal, day or night, directly from their smart devices. As a result, they can avoid the pitfalls of physical shop fronts, such as queues, or sifting through racks to find their size. However, eCommerce shoppers must factor in another consideration – shipping fees.

All successful eCommerce sites should also incorporate shopping cart features which enhance the user experience, like wishlist functionality that their customers may have come to expect. Some customers may prefer an account login so they don’t have to input their details each visit, whereas others may prefer a guest checkout option. Our team is available for consultation regarding customer experience features like chat modules, provision of multiple payment gateways from PayPal to AfterPay; and will implement these components into your web design.


Now that you have decided to launch an eCommerce site, you must choose the storefront that best suits your business needs. There are a plethora of eCommerce platforms on the market, ranging from off the shelf CMS, to plugins, apps, extensions and application program interfaces (APIs). For instance, Shopify has skyrocketed in popularity since its inception in 2004.

It’s offered on a subscription basis, with incremental pricing depending on site requirements. Shopify integrates with plenty of apps and offers additional sales channels so you can sell your products via social platforms and even includes a point of sales (POS) system. WooCommerce is an open source, free WordPress plugin. This standalone software is more versatile in terms of customisation. However, more setup and maintenance is required. Magento is designed for large scale enterprises and is therefore more costly.

The platform offers 5,000 extensions and advanced reporting features. This option is more appropriate for businesses with dedicated programmers. The Designers and Developers at Clearly Digital can advise you on the shopping cart software which will meet your specifications and fit your budget!


Getting your website setup with shopping cart capabilities is just the first step. Operating a successful eCommerce site requires ongoing management, as your product offering changes. Our team can help with inventory management, currency, tax and invoice systems. Clearly Digital can facilitate product categorisation, search functionality and filters, making it easier for customers to find the product they desire.

Unlike physical stores, where customers can engage with products in a tactile manner, shoppers rely on the elaborate presentation of product images in an eCommerce transaction. Our developers can display multiple image views of your products, along with colour swatch options. We can handle the integration of customer relationship management (CRM), email or SMS marketing, social platforms and remarketing campaigns, to address abandoned shopping carts. Additionally, your eCommerce site can be integrated with various courier services to enable shipping via Australia Post, DHL and more.

Start generating substantial revenue for your business by launching an eCommerce store with the experts at Clearly Digital.

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