Email marketing is a method of mass communication which can be highly personalised, enabling brands to measure and act upon the responses of individual recipients. Email was arguably the first digital marketing channel, so it is often overlooked. Yet email is the most cost effective and widely used direct marketing medium! Plus, thanks to the increasing usage of smartphones in every aspect of daily life; short message service (SMS) marketing has a far superior open rate than other channels!

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Clearly, you Need our Email & SMS Marketing Services

  • Plot email automation flows
  • Manage email lists and customer segmentation
  • Conduct A/B plus spam testing
  • Design branded email marketing campaigns
  • Devise email campaign content strategies
  • Coordinate SMS marketing campaigns
  • Monitor deliverability
  • Analyse campaign performance


The Clearly Digital team produce a diverse range of email campaigns, commonly referred to as electronic or emailed direct mail (EDMs). Email marketing is essential for driving customer loyalty, particularly for eCommerce stores. Implement EDMs to notify customers of new season product launches or invite them to take advantage of exclusive promotions, or drive traffic to your blog with a regular newsletter.

We can orchestrate email automation workflows, triggering the delivery of welcome emails, birthday offers, reminders when customers are due for a refill or have abandoned their shopping cart! If you’re a service based business, we can create dynamic automation flows to nurture potential leads, by delivering content which is customised to complement their stage within the sales funnel.


Our EDM specialists will build your database of subscribers, segmenting lists into past, current and potential customers, to target each persona with relevant content. Being familiar with a wide range of email service platforms, we trial different send times, conduct regular A/B and spam filter tests.

By monitoring email subscription preferences, bounce rates and unsubscribes rates; we ensure every campaign has the best chance of being delivered and opened by recipients. We analyse open and click through rates to constantly improve campaign performance.


We design responsive email templates that embody your brand aesthetic and the theme of your chosen campaign. The team evaluates the hierarchy of information being communicated in every campaign to develop the design of the EDM layout and strategic position of call to action buttons which click through to your website.

We produce engaging copy which complements your overall content marketing strategy. Our EDM gurus employ subject lines which actually increase open rates, integrate emojis, unique coupon codes and email personalisation.


Although you exchange countless text messages with friends and family every day, you probably haven’t considered SMS as a marketing channel for your business – until now!

SMS marketing is a great communication strategy for customer service businesses when time-sensitives exchanges are paramount! For instance – confirmation of appointment bookings, verification of account security, billing alerts or transport reminders.

Unlike other communication methods, like social media notifications, phone calls or emails; SMS messages are typically read immediately upon delivery, as smartphones are almost always within arms reach and SMS functionality can’t be muted. So if your business depends upon personalised information being relayed in a timely manner, give SMS marketing a go with Clearly Digital!

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