There are two vital components required to make your company website accessible to the world via the internet – a web host domain and a domain. Without these elements, your website is essentially a collection of unshared files on an individual computer. Our web hosting service ensures your website is accessible to your customers, all around the world, 24/7 with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%! Registering a domain name ensures customers can type an easy to remember web address into their browser to find you.

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Clearly, you Need our Hosting Services

  • Manage registration of your domain name
  • Local hosting of your company website
  • Host your company email accounts


A website is the ultimate showroom for any business. The doors are always open and it’s only an arms reach away from any customer’s smart device. Just like a physical store, you must provide visitors with an address, so they don’t get lost among a sea of your online competitors. It’s best practice for search engine optimisation to choose a domain name that is identical or closely relates to your company name.

For Australian commercial businesses, domains are the most popular. It can be tricky to get hold of a domain name containing specific industry keywords, and these are often in high-demand. To ensure the registration of your ideal domain doesn’t elapse, giving a competitor the opportunity to snag your web address, engage Clearly Digital to manage your domain.


A web hosting provider stores all the content which combines to create your beautifully designed website on multiple servers in a dedicated data centre, like a supercomputer. This technology serves your web pages to internet users. These servers are located within Australia, to make sure your website visitors don’t experience any latency, unlike offshore web hosting services, which can cause lag time.

As a web hosting provider, Clearly Digital has access to this infrastructure in the form of a virtual private server (VPS). A VPS is a highly cost effective web hosting solution, because several users can effectively share the same infrastructure. However, this doesn’t negatively affect site performance as the hardware functions as separate servers, with your own CPU, RAM, bandwidth and storage. This means the VPS remains fast, secure and the server resources can’t be overloaded by any particular user.


In addition to managing web hosting and domain registration, at Clearly Digital we also offer email hosting. Unlike using a free email hosting provider like Hotmail, the email hosting service we offer, Microsoft Exchange Online, utilises the same domain name as your website. Branded email extensions add credibility to your business communications and impresses customers with your professionalism.

Thanks to internet message access protocol (IMAP) technology, company emails can be accessed via multiple devices, keeping your inbox synced from mobile to desktop. Plus, paid email hosting also offers both you and your customers greater security. Being part of the Microsoft Partner Network, means Clearly Digital is able to provide clients with this robust service, so your email experience is hassle free!

Eliminate the stressful aspect of managing your website by making your hosting Clearly Digital’s responsibility!

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