With over half the world’s website traffic now coming from smartphones, it’s imperative that businesses consider how to enhance this experience for their customers – which in many cases means investing in an app! Although smartphones incorporate web browsers, don’t think your website alone will satisfy potential customers. Over 90% of the time we spend on our phones is consumed within apps. So if you are keen to offer leads an optimal mobile experience that will genuinely increase the likelihood they will convert, explore your mobile app options with the Designers and Developers at Clearly Digital.

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Clearly, you Need our App Design & Development Services

  • Develop mobile apps for use on various operating systems
  • Design app interface consistent with either iOS or Android functionality
  • End-to-end consultation on testing, launching, tracking and earning opportunities


Before designing the aesthetic of your mobile app, a decision must be made about which mobile operating systems (OS) you wish to target, namely Android, iOS or a combination.

The type of mobile phones your customers use, helps your App Developer to advise on whether the app should be built as a native, hybrid, framework based or even a browser wrap, also known as a progressive web app (PWA).

Each method has a different codebase and therefore the costs involved may differ. Our Developers work collaboratively with our Designers to identify the app specifications, then form app screen wireframes.


As every smartphone user knows, there are some core differences between Apple and Android phones. These differences are particularly pronounced in the interface of the apps used in either operating system. As a result, the design of a mobile app is influenced by the inherent functionality of the intended OS. For instance, Android app icons, which launch the app from the homescreen, can appear as an assortment of shapes, with a transparent background.

Conversely, icons on an iPhone must be presented as a square with rounded corners and a filled background. Being interactive in nature, app design incorporates transitions and animations. Elements such as menus, tab bars, switches, call to action buttons and pickers change their appearance based on user input. Our Designers create mockup


Unlike a website, where users are often required to log into a personal account to complete a task, like publishing a social post, completing a purchase, or accessing bank details; mobile apps remain logged into a user’s account. As such, mobile apps eliminate an annoying step for customers, enabling goals to be achieved faster, drastically improving their overall experience. Plus, once downloaded, an app icon acts like an advertisement on a user’s phone, serving to keep your brand constantly front of mind.

If you’re seeking additional revenue streams from your app, our team consults on enabling audience display network advertising. Clearly Digital clients can rest assured our team provides ongoing mobile app consultation and support all the way through from concept to completion. This includes testing across devices, submitting your app for review before launching on the applicable app stores, as well as implementation of Google Analytics tracking for mobile apps via a software development kit (SDK).

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