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Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be a Cost Effective way to Generate Business Rapidly.

Want to grow your business? Google Adwords puts your message in front of potential customers, right when they’re searching for what you have to offer. No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and Pay only if people click on your ads and visit your website. Clearly Digital are Google Partners specialising in Adwords Solutions.

Considerations for Optimal Adwords performance include:

  •  Buyer activity, including keywords and repeated searches.
    Understanding keyword psychology in order to target relevant audiences .
     Engagement Metrics (Visit Durations) to filter less motivated traffic.
     Budget forecasting based on seasonality, search volumes and relevance.
     Which device, time of day, week, month and year people buy the most.
    • Highly methodical approaches to Competitor analysis.
    • Advanced Remarketing techniques, settings and sequences.
     Conversion rate optimisation to increase enquiries and online transactions.

Our AdWords Solutions for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Business

True SEM experts possess rare skills; they are capable of nail-biting statistical analysis and cooking up lateral solutions to complex problems. Tucked away in the engine room of the traditional marketing department, they utilise their creative nerdiness on command, consulting, educating, problem solving and squaring off algorithmic tasks all in the time it takes to make a coffee.

Clearly Digital SEM consultants can translate accurate insights into consumer behaviour, interests, desires, learning patterns and communication challenges. Imagine designing your next Radio ad or PR headline for a product launch based on our SEM data – the potential of SEM doesn’t stop at just number crunching.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Claire when she worked at her previous employment. She was like a breath of fresh air with her product knowledge and also the ability and know-how to get that product to work for us. She re-vamped our entire marketing strategy which saw our customer contacts increase out of sight. I can totally recommend her as a dedicated professional who will do her utmost to serve her clients.

Ian Crisp

I would personally like to endorse Claire. Her level of commitment to her clients is above reproach. She has her clients best interests at heart and a can do attitude that I admire. She has produced for me an absolute top notch web site and I would recommend her and her team to anyone. Thank you Claire.

Martin Zanin -Creative Cabinets