Social media marketing (SMM) involves the creation and curation of relevant content which corresponds with your business’s services or products; for distribution on various social networks. This publication on social platforms increases brand exposure and fosters engagement with past, current and potential customers. These informal interactions help to generate genuine brand buzz which, when harnessed successfully, can result in leads, sales and even brand advocacy!

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If you’re ready to begin generating leads on Facebook, or producing a YouTube video ad, contact Clearly Digital today.

  • Facilitate and manage community engagement on social platforms
  • Coordinate owned, earned and paid social strategies
  • Design, produce and curate share-worthy content


As your business controls the content posted on your social media profiles, it is considered owned media. This means you can determine the tone of the messages produced, helping to direct public discussion. The main goal of social content should be to offer your followers value, thereby giving them an incentive to move further down the sales funnel. However, this doesn’t mean always direct selling to your fans. What makes social media so attractive for both brands and consumers is that it is inherently a communication platform. Users can immediately provide feedback about their encounter with your company. The ensuing conversation gives businesses an opportunity to adapt their strategy, if required.


Social channels employ algorithms similar to search engines to distribute posts. As a result, your posts typically appear in the feeds of your existing followers. Fortunately, the team at Clearly Digital are experts in devising organic social content strategies for our clients, creating humorous, entertaining or educational posts on a regular basis. We are able to extend post reach plus stimulate user engagement, thereby increasing brand awareness and evoking interest – without spending a cent! The content we produce leads to earned media, such as social shares and page mentions.These public endorsements prove invaluable to brands, as consumers trust genuine recommendations made by their peers, over commercial messages.


If you just can’t wait for your limited time offer to be shared organically via social channels, or you quickly need to demonstrate to your boss how social media is helping warm prospects into leads; we can orchestrate paid ad campaigns. As social media profiles typically include user demographics and interests, advertisers can accurately target their ads to relevant audiences who will likely convert into customers.

The social media specialists at Clearly Digital produce ads which resonate with your target audience, complemented with strong calls to action. From sponsored posts, lead generation, to website traffic campaigns and more. We utilise tracking tools to monitor results and compile insights report to measure your return on investment.


Much like search engines, social media platforms are progressively being used to discover content. The widespread use of hashtags on social channels helps to facilitate this activity. Optimised business profiles on social media can also assist your SEO efforts, by helping to form ethical backlinks, referring traffic to your website. Your business presence on social platforms may also factor into the relevancy of search engine results.

Interestingly, the correlation between your company’s social and search activities doesn’t end there. Popular social platform Pinterest, a virtual pinboard of ideas and sources of inspiration, utilises ad targeting options based on both keywords, which is typically associated with search ads, and user interests, which is characteristic of social media.


Utilising social media channels to connect with your target market is essential for managing your business’ public relations, in the digital world. Social channels offer a subtle alternative to press releases for promoting your company culture, or feel-good initiatives; which help to positively position your brand. Additionally, you can’t afford not to connect with consumers on social media, as your competitors are guaranteed to be employing this customer relationship strategy. However, building then nurturing a community of brand supporters does require ongoing management.

Our team can help maintain your hard-earned reputation by responding rapidly to followers’ messages and making regular contributions. We listen for mentions across the social spectrum, identify potential issues, handle negative reviews and complaints to minimise damage to your brand.


Now you’re convinced that social media marketing is vital for business success, the next step is identifying your ideal platform. The team at Clearly Digital are familiar with a wide range of social media and can recommend which option is best suited to achieve your business goals.

From Tweeting commentary that positions your brand as an industry expert, photographing gorgeous flatlays featuring your new product on Instagram, to sharing SnapChat stories enhanced with augmented reality (AR) at an event. Together, we can leverage influencers, design eye-catching infographics to use as sponsored content on LinkedIn or inspire home renovators with promoted Pins. Our Social Media Specialists will provide you with a monthly report, so you can easily compare engagement metrics between platforms and access exclusive audience insights.

If you’re ready to begin generating leads on Facebook, or producing a YouTube video ad, contact Clearly Digital today.

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