Now that smartphones have surpassed desktop computers as the most common device for accessing websites, it’s vital your website is responsive! Responsive websites automatically adjust the elements on a webpage to fit the size of the screen your visitor is using. The elements don’t simply shrink; proportion-based grid designs and flexible images actually enable the entire design to reconfigure. As a result, the functionality and aesthetic of your website remains consistent across desktops, laptops, laplets, tablets, mobiles and even TVs, ensuring all your visitors convert into customers!

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Clearly, you Need our Web Design & Development Services

  • Produce responsive web designs which function on multiple devices
  • Design websites which convert prospects into leads, then customers
  • Implement Google Analytics tracking and utilise heat mapping tools
  • Undertake web development which corresponds with SEO exercises
  • Integrate UX and UI practices
  • Configure WordPress themes
  • Rigorous in-house testing


At Clearly Digital, we believe effective websites are produced when a fully comprehensive team of digital experts strategise together. Web design is a creative discipline which incorporates UX and UI, whilst development is highly technical. Additionally, there is further crossover with marketing activities such as SEO and copywriting when embarking on a website project.

As such, collaboration between specialisations is paramount for devising and executing a successful site. Our process begins with an in depth discussion to identify your objective and site specifications. We’ll help you choose the best platform, like WordPress, most suited to your needs and configure a theme. We can even custom design your entire website! Our Web Designers keep abreast of industry trends and new techniques, like animations and video backgrounds; ensuring every site we design delights visitors. A flow chart representing the navigation is compiled, before wireframing the structure of each web page, followed by a mockup design.

Our full-stack Developers understand the back and front end functionality of a website and can easily make content updates without obstructing the design aesthetic. Your new website will be rigorously tested in-house by our team to ensure a successful launch.


Probably the most significant argument in favour of implementing responsive web design (RWD) is that Google wants you to! So if you want your website to rank well in SERPs, you must invest in a responsive website. Fortunately, there are several innate SEO benefits.

Responsive websites typically load faster – which is highly coveted because page speed is known to affect ranking. Having a responsive site eliminates the need for a separate mobile site, thereby preventing duplicate content and subsequent penalties, in addition to simplifying link building practices. If visitors spend a significant period of time on a webpage, this signals to Google that the content is valuable.

Likewise, this demonstrates a good user experience as the user was obviously able to navigate the site to the desired information successfully. Whereas, if the visitor didn’t find the information they were looking for they would leave immediately, known as a bounce. A high bounce rate suggests the content wasn’t relevant to the search query and therefore can negatively affect rankings.


The purpose of every website created by the Designers and Developers at Clearly Digital is conversion! Pushing first-time visitors to your website to immediately start paying for a costly service doesn’t usually work. Instead, we ensure each webpage encourages visitors to take micro actions, such as watching a company video, downloading a branded eBook, signing up to a newsletter, submitting a contact form or making a call.

Nurturing prospects to take these smaller steps establishes trust and fosters a relationship with your brand, so they become a genuine lead. Gradually easing leads through the marketing funnel eventually results in the ultimate conversion goal – which is typically a sale. A website is not merely an online sales brochure, it is a myriad of opportunities to begin converting viewers into customers.

Our Designers ensure every webpage contains a call to action, directing visitors to click. We utilise tools such as Google Analytics tracking and heatmaps to measure goal completions and perform conversion rate optimisation.

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